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Aplez.com "Editor's Pick"

whole3One of the oldest, and most known bakeries in NYC is this month editor's pick. Rapidly grown, Bay Ridge Bakery in Brooklyn is your best selection for a series of famous pastries.

The history of Bayridge Bakery:

60‘S TO EARLY 70’S:

John Nikolopoulos works alongside top pastry chefs in Greece, his birthplace. Having worked in the top pastry shops in Greece at the time, he starts traveling around Europe to diversify his knowledge in the pastry arts and returns to Athens where his name is now starting to buzz. John gets his break in the early 1970’s when he gets an invite to come to New York and bring the European desserts to the restaurants and diners which was the craze at the time. Overwhelmed with offers he starts working at numerous places. In 1974, instead of running from place to place, he decides, along with his wife Peggy, to open up their own bakery and supply the places he was working at.

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