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  • Fruit Tarts
    Fruit Tarts

    Always fresh

  • Cookies

    Best traditional cookies in Brooklyn

  • Custom and Wedding Cakes

    Fabulous Wedding & Custom Cakes

  • Huge Selection
    Huge Selection

    We are proud of our huge selection of Traditional American & Greek Cookies



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Tasty Additional Services


Fresh Tristate Delivery


Get your Bayridge Bakery's order without ever leaving your chair! We always bake fresh daily and we deliver in the Tristate area, fast and secure. Just call our wholesale dpt. at 718-238-1779 or email us to place your order and we'll deliver the goods.


Delicious In-Store Pickup


Visit our retail location and spoil yourself. Browse through our huge selection of freshly baked cakes, cookies, breads and pastries that all made in front of your eyes. You can also order on-line and pick for delivery in-store.